A little after getting off work, I took public transportation (via Bart), and suddenly noticed how crazily attached we are to our phones/tablets, that utter urge of constantly checking them every minute that passes by. It’s dawned upon me of how obsessive it has become. Therefore, I locked my phone and just listened to some chill vibes to get me though the ride. Suddenly, this beautiful young lady say right next to me and I have noticed, with the slightest touch, a sensitive smile, without any use of device in her hand nor earphone buds in her ears. So I decided to spark a conversation, to break free from how ‘verbal communication’ is technically ‘breadcrumbs’. Moments in this conversation, we both agreed about how caught up we are with technology, and how we need a stronger rate to be socially verbal in open interactions.[Like what happened, right?] Sooner or later, our society will not know how to think faster than the words coming out their mouths. This lady ended up being someone that works for the city that checks traffic tickets and such. (Oh, the Perks that hover under this conversation just got a little bit exciting 😅). We must break out of this shell we live under. All in respect, face to face interaction with laughter and smiles, is so much better than texting on the phone or playing candy crush. COME ON, Lets face it, our society is over run by this technology, but dont let these matters get out of hand. Control your time with technology; dont let technology with time control you!‪#‎OpenStory‬ ‪#‎technology‬ ‪#‎Truth‬ ‪#‎ruce650‬